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"Our Walls - Christ's own home was hostile to Him.  Let us so furnish our every room that in visiting us He would be pleased." A.E. Mitchell

Have you ever thought of how much we are impressed by what hangs upon our walls?  And have you noticed how they are changing?

The picture molding is no more and the door-post is fast passing.  Cheap bric-a-brac is filling the corners and prints in tinseled frames have taken the place of paintings.

Modern architecture will soon have us in guilded caves for we are in the grip of a machine age.  Let us make a plea for the word of God.  Let us insist upon a place for scripture:  where we and our neighbor can see it, as we pass in and out.

It was no idle exhortation that God gave Moses to -- Place His Word upon our gates and door-posts and thus have the days of heaven upon earth.  Indeed if we were to hang it up in front of the steering wheel we might live longer.  We are but pilgrims, traveling through.  We are left here for the express purpose of being impressed by the Word of Our Creator and Redeemer.  David, understanding the Divine desire said, 

"My heart standeth in awe of thy word:  yea I rejoice at thy word as one that findeth great spoil."


As we allow them their place on our walls; Let them be dignified, readable and in good taste.

Could we suggest

First -- Deliberately making room for scripture in every room -- even in the kitchen; we need it there especially.

Second -- By inviting the neighbors and strangers to share our home -- allowing him to see the gospel in both English and foreign words upon our walls.  This allows the Spirit of God something to work with.

Third -- And best of all, at every opportunity, deliberately take it down from your wall and give it to the neighbor and stranger, even as you would share your table with him.  Replace it at once with another.  You will find that the act will develop your love for the stranger and the new motto will refresh your own soul.  As you practice this you may take the last step which is to induce him to do the same with the motto he receives from you.  This will make of your home a fountain of living waters with the Word of God flowing to the ends of the earth.  Try it.  Our missionaries do this.  Are we ashamed to?  Let us never sell our walls;  they are too valuable for the business of the Kingdom.

Home The Artist Small Plaques Medium Plaques Large Plaques Extra-Large Plaques How to Order